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The appearance of all the text and links in this website are controlled by the stylesheet.

Body Text - Verdana, 0.75 em

This is what the body text looks like. The size is specified in ems -- a variable size specification that enables users to change the text size if they wish.


  • Heading One - Verdana, 1.4 em

  • Heading Two - Verdana, 1.2 em

  • Heading Three - Verdana, 1.0 em

  • Heading Four - Verdana, 1.0 em

  • Heading Five - Verdana, 0.9 em


  • The orange is: #d65608
  • The purple is: #2c3c6a


The home page photo is 460x209. It is included in the Photoshop file, which is where the rounded corner and the fine white lines are created.

The inside page photos are 460x163 pixels and also include fine white lines that are included in the Photoshop file.

Link Styles

  • The default unvisited link is orange. Visited links are purple.

  • The appearance of the left navigation links is determined by the style "LeftLinks" applied to the table column that contains the navigation. The gray bar comes from a style called "graybox" applied to each individual link (in the <p> tag).

  • The appearance of the top navigation links is determined by the style "TopLinks."

Header, Footer and Navigation "Library" files

The site navigation and footer information are in Dreamweaver "Library" files. To change those links, edit the Library files. EVerything about the Library files is the same as what you see on the website -- except for the type faces and spacing. Library files do not show the styles in the css stylesheet and appear as plain html. When you save changes to a Library file, you will be asked to update all files that contain that Library. You should do this, then upload all the updated files, including the LIbrary files, to your web server.

  • "left-navigation.lbi" contains the left navigation.

  • "top-navigation.lbi" contains the top navigation as well as all the design elements in the header.

  • "footer.lbi" contains the school name and address and a link back to the CPS home page.

  • The links in the inside-template pages are determined by Library files for those specific pages.



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