BPP & Annual Safety Review 2008

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Why discuss safety: At MATC, everyone carries a responsibility to perform their work in a safe manner. This includes Managers, program staff, EH&S Office staff, & You!

Stats on safety: Every hour in the U.S., it is estimated that 1 work related fatality occurs and 370 disabling injuries. In Wisconsin alone, it is estimated that 108 work related fatalities occur every year.

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What you will get out of this online tutorial: - The purpose of this training is to keep you safe. This training and information will familiarize you with relevant workplace hazards and minimize your potential of being hurt or causing injury to others. If you have any questions after, or during this tutorial please contact the EH&S Office directly at 608-246-6291 or via email. (Note: Responses to your questions should be answered by the EH&S Office staff within a 48 hour work week timeframe.)

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